one of the deceptive powers of pressure is that, when it comes, you often believe you have rejected it but it has registered into your subconscious mind to influence your decision


Another dangerous weapon devil often employed in leading Christians into error is pressure. Encarta English dictionary defines pressure as “a powerful and stressful demands on somebody’s time, attention, and energy, or a demand of this sort”. It goes further again to explain it as “something that affects thoughts and behavior in a powerful way, usually in the form of several outside influences working together persuasively”.
This is the exact thing the devil does. He a times bring you into a tight corner where people, situation or needs will persuade and influenced you to do something you don’t want to do naturally. However, one of the deceptive powers of pressure is that, when it comes, you often believe you have rejected it but it has registered into your subconscious mind to influence your decision. This reminded me of the sadden story of a lady I read, I was so moved to tears as I read the story. The author said; “A sister once burst into tears in my office, lamenting regretfully with her young baby strapped to her back. She was crying saying; ‘…Daddy, I prayed…I prayed…I never knew this would happen to me. This was not the man I courted…’ I knew her before she married. She had come to my wife and I previously and sought counseling and advice on the issue of knowing the choice of God.
She came heavily disturbed because of the way her parents had been pestering her for marriage, she had been burdened that the Lord had not answered her prayer and brought the man. We advised her to hold on and be patient for the sake of her already prospering and fruitful ministry. She was already a great blessing to the church of God. We counseled her not to be mindful of the taunting of the devil concerning marriage, but to allow the Lord to perfect it at His own time.
When next we would see her, it was with the testimony that the Lord had done it and they have fixed a date. She shielded herself off further word of advice… when she came again, it was with a beautiful embossed marriage invitation card. We were there on her wedding day and it was glorious. … it was more than a year latter she came, with her baby on her back, crying in my office. She had discovered her spiritual life was deflating; she could not pray very well again. The man had banned her from praying aloud within the house and she would always be distracted whenever she is praying in another room. The erstwhile zealous, supportive and co-operative man during courtship had turned to something else. He now hated with passion, the ministry he had cherished in the life of our sister. He had banned her from going out for ministrations and our sister began to wish she had not married at all. The devil has crippled her vision through the man she married.” (Mike Bamiloye; Walking through the fire.Mount Zion Publications, ©2009, page 39)
The sister actually prayed but she did it under pressure, which is a reflection of many Christians’ life. Though, in many situations, we reject the pressure and determine to pray and pray through yet, we did our prayers under the influence of that pressure.
Though we have rejected in our heart but it has registered into our subconscious mind, so once in a while we reacted to it saying; “I need to do something about my marital life… hmn! God’s time is the best… wait, sister A is married, Bro D has fixed the date for his wedding. God! When are you going to do my own…I think I’m growing older…” and the thing continued like that at an interval, yet we have rejected it.
So, as you are praying, you kept on hearing the voice of the pressure around you saying; “the voice of man is the voice of God, if you miss this man, you have missed it forever”. It’s a lie, God will never placed you under pressure. Pressure is of the devil, he only gathered pressure around you to lead you into deceiption so as to destroy your eternity and rob you of your destiny…

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