You have to challenge the conventional thinking and ways of doing things to make things happen, you have to look away from the conventional strength people depends on around you to discover your unique strength.


I concluded in the last series by saying that God will never allow you to be found in a place ( whether occupation, vocation, situation or pursuit) without giving you the resources to stand out for good. So, it is not the challenges you are going through or the opportunities you are having now that actually determine your level of impact and the kind of life you are going to have in the next few years but your discovery of God’s reason for where you are or going through what you are going through.
Don’t allow your circumstances to define your identity, celebrity are not people without limitation, but people who discovered what they could do differently to master the unfavorable situations around their life.

Listen to me, you are never at disadvantage and you can never be. There is something the Lord had placed inside of you to make you relevant to your world.

Now Jesse said to his son David, “Take this ephah of roasted grain and these ten loaves of bread for your brothers and hurry to their camp. Take along these ten cheeses to the commander of their unit. See how your brothers are and bring back some assurance from them. They are with Saul and all the men of Israel in the Valley of Elah, fighting against the Philistines.” Early in the morning David left the flock in the care of a shepherd, loaded up and set out, as Jesse had directed. He reached the camp as the army was going out to its battle positions, shouting the war cry. Israel and the Philistines were drawing up their lines facing each other. David left his things with the keeper of supplies, ran to the battle lines and asked his brothers how they were. As he was talking with them, Goliath, the Philistine champion from Gath, stepped out from his lines and shouted his usual defiance, and David heard it. Whenever the Israelites saw the man, they all fled from him in great fear. Now the Israelites had been saying, “Do you see how this man keeps coming out? He comes out to defy Israel. The king will give great wealth to the man who kills him. He will also give him his daughter in marriage and will exempt his family from taxes in Israel.”1 Samuel. 17:17-25

The moment David appeared at the battle field, he saw a problem that he felt shouldn’t exist but humanly speaking, he was helpless in changing the situation. For instance, he lack the necessary requirements for fighting Goliath, he was not having the physique of a warrior, he has not undergo the required training as he had spent all his life with the sheep in the jungle. In fact, when he wore the armour just for Saul to prove his point to David that he was not qualified to go against Goliath, the scripture established for us that David could not carry the armour (1 Sam.17:38-39).

Honestly, that was enough excuse for him to quit trying and dreaming to join the wailers team but he never. He had to look beyond what is working or not working for others to identify and used his hidden strength. The inefficiency you are seeing in your life is a uniqueness in disguise.

Just like David,you have to challenge the conventional thinking and ways of doing things to make things happen, you have to look away from the conventional strength people depends on around you to discover your unique strength.

Let me share one more story to show you that life is not about what you don’t have but your dependence on God and your decisions.
Helen Keller was born with the ability to see and hear. At 19 months old, she contracted an illness described by doctors as “an acute congestion of the stomach and the brain”, which might have been scarlet fever or meningitis. The illness left her both deaf and blind. what a devastating situation, the sickness left her as a candidate for beggary but inspite of these, she developed a dream to pursue. she was able to communicate somewhat with Martha Washington, the six-year-old daughter of the family cook, who understood her signs; by the age of seven, Keller had more than 60 home signs to communicate with her family. From her tender age, she continue to pursue an unusual dream that eventually made her the world celebrity.
Starting in May 1888, Keller attended the Perkins Institute for the Blind. In 1894, Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan moved to New York to attend the Wright-Humason School for the Deaf, and to learn from Sarah Fuller at the Horace Mann School for the Deaf. In 1896, they returned to Massachusetts and Keller entered The Cambridge School for Young Ladies before gaining admittance, in 1900, to Radcliffe College, where she lived in Briggs Hall, South House. Her admirer, Mark Twain, had introduced her to Standard Oil magnate Henry Huttleston Rogers, who, with his wife Abbie, paid for her education. In 1904, at the age of 24, Keller graduated from Radcliffe, becoming the first deaf blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. She maintained a correspondence with the Austrian philosopher and pedagogue Wilhelm Jerusalem, who was one of the first to discover her literary talent.
Determined to communicate with others as conventionally as possible, Keller learned to speak, and spent much of her life giving speeches and lectures. She learned to “hear” people’s speech by reading their lips with her hands—her sense of touch had become extremely subtle. She became proficient at using braille and reading sign language with her hands as well.
She eventually became an American author, political activist, and lecturer. She was the first deafblind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree. The story of how Keller’s teacher, Anne Sullivan, broke through the isolation imposed by a near complete lack of language, allowing the girl to blossom as she learned to communicate, has become widely known through the dramatic depictions of the play and film The Miracle Worker. Her birthday on June 27 is commemorated as Helen Keller Day in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania and was authorized at the federal level by presidential proclamation by President Jimmy Carter in 1980, the 100th anniversary of her birth.
A prolific author, Keller was well-travelled and outspoken in her convictions. A member of the Socialist Party of America and the Industrial Workers of the World, she campaigned for women’s suffrage, labor rights, socialism, and other radical left causes. She was inducted into the Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame in 1971.
Your ability to develop foresight into the future will determine your level of impact in life. Until your sense of identity is altered, your future is not secure. However, to alter your sense of identity, you must avoid been distracted by what you cannot do and focus on what you can.
Don’t give up on yourself, don’t settle for mediocrity life. You are born for impactful living, you are born to bring hope to the hopeless and help to the helpless.

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